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AngelCall on GPS 2 vs Alarm on GPS 1

AngelSense offers two device models, GPS 1 and GPS 2. HERE is a comparison of these devices. 


Each device has the ability for the parent to have a 2-way call with their child, but there are some differences. 

Alarm on GPS 1 (BETA)AngelCall on GPS 2
Ability to switch between Listen-In and AlarmAbility to switch between Listen-In and AngelCall
Parent calls the deviceParent calls the device
Child presses front Call button to answer for a 2-way callDevice answers automatically for a 2-way call
Limit of 2 authorized callersUnlimited number of authorized callers
Device automatically sends Location via Text 

*There is currently no option for the child to call the parent, but this is a feature that we are working on for the near future!