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GPS 1 Call Request notifications

Call Request is a setting allowing the child to press the buttons on the device to request a call from you! 

  • The Guardian can set up theCall Request Settings from their app to avoid accidental or repetitive call requests. 
  • When your child presses either of the front buttons, you will receive a notification that they would like a call from you. 
    • "Hunter is requesting a call from you."


  • You can then call your child's device by using 2-Way Voice (AngelCall) or 1-Way Voice (Listen-In). 
  • Once a call has been completed, the authorized Guardians will receive a Call Confirmation notification as below.
    • Mobile notification: "Mom has ended a 2-Way call with Hunter" or "Mom has ended a 1-Way call with Hunter"
  • Email: "Mom has ended a 1-Way call with Hunter. Call duration was 0:20 minutes. Your remaining balance is 56:32 minutes."

To configure your Call Request Notifications: 

1. Go to your left hand Menu and select "Notifications" 

2. Scroll down the "Others" section and select how you would like to receive your notifications. 

At this time, if you have a call function disabled during school hours you will not receive a call request notification. See: Disabling Voice Features during school hours

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