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Autism Wandering, a National Safety Issue

Autism wandering has been recognized as a national problem, and the Kevin & Avonte’s Law has finally passed the House & Senate and has been signed by the President. This law provides funding for GPS trackers to protect children with special needs.

The law passed in response to the massive search and tragic death of Avonte Oquendo, who escaped his school in New York City. See details here.

Recent research shows that more than 250,000 school-age children with autism or other developmental disorders wander away from adult supervision each year, risking their safety.

More than a quarter of children with special needs in the study had left a safe environment, especially public places, including schools, within the previous 12 months.

Children with autism were at particular risk. “The kids who are most likely to wander are the kids who are least likely to respond appropriately to police or rescue personnel – potentially further jeopardizing their safety.” 

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