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No Communication on GPS 2

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T device) guidance is available here
When the app does not get location updates from the device for at least 30 minutes, the app shows "No Communication" in the status bar and the timeline as shown below.
All monitoring features are unavailable, including location updates to the app, mobile notifications, and 1-Way Voice (Listen-In) &
2-Way Voice (AngelCall).
Potential reasons:
  1. No cellular coverage
  2. The device is in a place that blocks cellular reception (e.g. some schools block cellular reception)
  3. The device is off
  1. Make sure your app is showing the most up to date information by logging out and back in or force closing.
  2. Try a remote restart of the device
  3. Charge the device for two hours
  4. Ensure device is on by holding the power button down until it vibrates and the device turns on (just like regular smartphones).
  5. After a couple of minutes you will get an audible message. The message will help you determine the issue:
    • “Device is charging”: Issue is resolved and you should see the app updating
    • "Device is charging, there is no cellular reception": Device is still not communicating, continue to step 5
    • No message: Ensure audible indication volume in the app is up (this is the default) and reconnect to the charger. Contact us if you still do not get an audible message
  6. Take the device out in transit with you to the key areas you need monitoring (home, road to school, etc.).
    • If the app is updating, continue using the device as usual (issue was limited cellular coverage at your charging spot)
    • Otherwise contact us providing as much information as possible



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