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GPS 2 Reminder notifications

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T device) guidance is available here
You have the option to receive courtesy reminder notifications.
  • Evening Charging Reminder: A nightly reminder to charge your device. (Monday-Sunday)
  • Morning Ready Reminder: A morning reminder to charge the device and/or turn it on if it is not ready. (Monday-Friday)
  • Morning Wearing Reminder: A morning reminder that is sent if the device is still charging, reminding to unplug and send with your child. (Monday-Friday)


  1. Go to your Menu on the left hand side and click "Settings" and then "Notifications".           
  2. Under "Notifications" you will have the option to update which notifications you would like to receive and also the times you would like to receive them. 

  3. Update your notifications, press save, and you're done! 


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