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2-Way Voice Settings on GPS 2

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T) guidance is available here 

2-Way Voice  (AngelCall) on the GPS 2 includes a rich set of options to control the experience when you call, to adjust to different children and sensitivity levels. 

We suggest speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly, as the device is typically secured inside of clothing. 

  • Ringtone: The ringtone sound on the device when you call. 
  • Vibrate: Ability to have the device also vibrate when it rings to alert your child to the incoming call. 
  • Ring Duration: How long you want the device to ring before automatically answering.
  • Ring Volume: The volume of the ringtone when it rings. A louder ringtone can ensure your child is alerted to your incoming call. 
  • Call Volume: The device's speaker is turned on automatically and in this setting you control its volume during the call. It is suggested to keep the call volume at 100% to help your child hear you speaking to them. 

This can be accessed from your app's main Menu on the left hand side by clicking on Settings and 2-Way Voice.



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