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Important Info for Canadian Customers

DEVICE and CELLULAR coverage:

The AngelSense GPS1 device has a SIM that works with the major networks in Canada and automatically selects the best service in the area. For more information about the GPS1 device, click here.

The cellular carrier of your child’s AngelSense device does not have to be the same carrier you use for your own cellular phone. As long as your phone is connected to the internet you can track your device.


Below is the pricing of the main accessory items in the store:

  • Magnetic Key: $19.99
  • Protective Sleeve: $9.99
  • Fasteners: $1.99
  • USB charging cable: $9.99
  • Battery: $14.99
  • Undershirt: $23.99
  • Belt: $19.99
  • Travel Case: $19.99
  • Waterproof Case + 2 fasteners: $19.99


AngelSense is not responsible for any delays that may apply. AngelSense pays for customs fees.


Apply for aid with funding via Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities and also apply for the disability tax credit 


Shipping is from our distribution center in New Jersey, USA and takes approximately 7-10 business days to arrive once shipped, depending on destination. AngelSense is not responsible for any delays that may apply.

Shipping is  $12.99.

*Expedited shipping is not an option for shipments to Canada. 


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