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Locating Indoors Using Wi-Fi Hotspots

The GPS 2 device supports the option to locate your child indoors using Wi-Fi!

When searching for your child in a mall, for example, we would recommend the following:

  • Select the Menu on the right hand side and click on "Indoor Search"                    
  • The system will show you the Wi-Fi hotspots near your child. The names of the strongest networks in the list can assist in finding your child. For example, “H&M store” as below, indicates your child is likely near or inside the H&M store.              


  • You can also turn on your own Mobile Hotspot to get a sense for your proximity to your child. 
The WiFi networks’ name and signal strength are available without requiring you to be connected to them. These networks are not being used for communication purposes so connection is not required.  The networks are only used to determine your child's location.
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