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Missouri Medicaid Waiver Info

Information regarding funding that is available through Medicaid and Medicaid waiver services in Missouri.

The following waivers can help you get funding for AngelSense:

  • MO Children w/DD (MOCDD) (4185.R05.00)
  • MO DD Comprehensive (0178.R06.00)
  • MO Div of DD Community Support (0404.R03.00)
  • Partnership for Hope Waiver

Requests to access Medicaid waiver services can be made through an Intake Worker, Information Specialist or Support Coordinator at your REGIONAL OFFICE.

If you already receive waiver services, contact your support coordinator and ask to add AngelSense as a new service.

  • If your child is at risk of wandering, provide as many examples as possible, to help your support coordinator evaluate the need for the AngelSense service.

  • Supporting documents from a physician will be helpful. You can use this sample letter and have your physician sign it.

  • The waiver covers the AngelSense Guardian Kit and 1 year of service, approx. $518 in total, under the ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY service category.

  • You can share the AngelSense brochure with your support coordinator and physician.

If you are ineligible for Medicaid waiver services does not disqualify you from other regional office services for which you may qualify.

*Applicants for Medicaid waivers must also be financially eligible for Medicaid.

If you are not currently enrolled in Medicaid, contact your REGIONAL OFFICE.


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