Welcome to the AngelSense Support Center

Selecting your Device

GPS 1 is our recommended device, due to its smaller size and weight.
If you prefer our GPS 2 device, you can select it online, immediately after you complete your online purchase. You should select GPS 2 if Verizon has much better cellular coverage in your area compared with AT&T.
*Note: The cellular carrier for GPS 1 is AT&T, but your personal phone carrier does not need to be AT&T. As long as your phone is connected to the internet you can track your GPS 1 device via the AngelSense app.
Here is a comparison of the two AngelSense device models.
GPS 1:
Device cellular carrier*: AT&T and most carriers in Canada/UK
Size: 3.03 x 1.85 x 0.78 in
Weight: 2.3 Oz
Indoors search with Wi-Fi: No

GPS 2:

Device cellular carrier*: Verizon
Size: 4.31 x 2.32 x 0.47 in
Weight: 3.99 Oz
Indoors search with Wi-Fi: Yes

Additional Accessories can be purchased from the App