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Comparison of AngelSense devices

Here is a comparison of the two AngelSense device models to choose from: 
AngelSense GPS 1 Device:



AngelSense GPS 2 Device:



Each AngelSense Guardian Subscriber Kit includes:

  • 1 Guardian GPS Tracking Device
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Specially designed protective sleeve
  • 3 magnetic fasteners to attach the sleeve to a garment
  • 1 magnetic key to open the fasteners

Additional Accessories can be purchased from the App 
(if purchased before shipping, no extra shipping charges apply)

A few more notes regarding AngelSense Guardian GPS 2:

  • This device leverages sophisticated consumer Android technology with a rich set of sensors customized to be a reliable advanced monitoring device.
  • The device is locked down and customized for our needs as a GPS tracker and cannot be used as a regular phone. The screen is blacked out. 
  • The device comes in a water resistant cover and our special wearing accessories

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