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Download the app: On mobile iOS or Android devices download the AngelSense app and run it. On all other platforms, open your internet browser and

*NEW* Mobile Notifications

We have upgraded our notifications from text messages to mobile app notifications! (also called push notifications) A mobile notification is a message

Adding guardians (users)

The first Guardian (the one who bought the AngelSense service) is the Primary Guardian and is the one who can add and configure other Guardians. We do not

Configuring arrival/departure notifications

As an AngelSense Guardian, you can configure how you wish to receive arrival and departure notifications within the app itself.  1. Select "

Mobile Notifications on iPhone

You should automatically receive a popup on your iPhone asking for permission to allow mobile notifications, please press "Allow".   

Can other people see where my child is?

No, your child's information is protected. Access to the AngelSense app is encrypted and possible only through valid user and password. The Guardian

Changing password

To change your password: 1. Select the Menu icon at the top left of the schedule list 2. Select My Account and select the Change Password option.  

Location via text

The "Location via Text" feature sends a command to the AngelSense device via text message that tells it to text you with the GPS coordinates of

Update Payment Info

You can update your payment method anytime:      1. Go into your app's Menu   2. Select "Payment & Billing"  3

Activating a replacement device

What kind of device do you have? AngelSense Guardian GPS 1  AngelSense Guardian GPS 2   

Installing the app

Here are the links to download the app: Apple's App Store / iOSGoogle Play / AndroidSome old phones cannot run the app. On such phones you can run the

How do I use the Alarm feature on the GPS 1? (beta testing the SOS feature)

The Alarm Feature on the GPS 1 is currently in beta testing as another advanced tool to help protect and find a lost child. Not all AngelSense

Mobile Notifications on Android

There are different ways to allow your mobile notifications depending your Android version and phone.  (typically Android 6.0) Settings ---> 

What is a Primary Guardian?

Initially, the Primary Guardian is the person who purchased and it is associated with the email address used to purchase. There can be as many Primary

"Early Warning Mode" Overview

The AngelSense system has sophisticated algorithms to filter out false GPS readings given by GPS. GPS is limited indoors, regardless of AngelSense, and we

Which devices (Smartphones/Tablets/PCs) can run the app?

The AngelSense Guardian app runs on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play and can run on any modern

Notifications delay

Departure notifications are delayed by a few minutes to minimize false alerts. You can reduce the delay by applying Early Warning Mode.   In case of

Selecting Angel - Two Devices, One App

If you have more than one child with an AngelSense device you have the option to switch between them to view their separate schedules from within the

Forgot password

Tap the Forgot Password button on the Login screen and enter your registration email. AngelSense will send a temporary password to your email. The

Notification types

The AngelSense system offers notifications in the form of mobile notifications and/or Email, all configurable through the app settings. We have updated

Location update frequency

The GPS location of the AngelSense device will update the AngelSense App at different intervals depending on the location or activity.  Runner Mode:

Updating your phone number

Each Guardian can update their phone numbers after logging in with their personal username and password.   1. Select "Settings" from the

*NEW* Switch to Annual Billing

You can switch to the annual billing plan that provides a discount equivalent to 2 months of service right from your AngelSense app Menu!    1.

Update email address

You can update your email address from your app's Menu. *Note: The mobile app version must be 1.0.25 or higher. You can check this from your Menu in

Listen-In Notifications

Some schools require that parents disable the Listen-In feature during school hours due to privacy concerns. To make sure our children are allowed to use

App not loading

Generally, white screen issues are due to inadequate cell or WiFi for the app to load. We suggest the following steps to try and get it to load:

School Guardian: Configuring Notifications

As an AngelSense School Guardian, if given access to notifications by the Primary Guardian, you can configure how you wish to receive notifications from

Adding Primary Guardians

In order to add a Primary Guardian:  1. Go to your Menu and select Settings and then Guardians   2. You will see your Guardians listed at the

Enabling "Early Warning Mode" for a place

Enabling AngelSense Early Warning Mode for a named place enables early warning exit alerts that have a shorter delay but a higher rate

*NEW* ETA Feature

COMING SOON!    *Note: You need to have app version 1.0.23 or higher. You can verify this by looking in your Menu, in the "About"

Changing Angel name

As an AngelSense Guardian, you have the ability to edit or change the Angel name (device wearer).    1. Select "Settings" and "

Force Close Apps

  iPhone/iPad: Double-press the Home button to open the list of recently opened applications.Scroll to the left and right to find the app you want to

Satellite map view

When you click on a location in the AngelSense Timeline it will bring up the Google Map image of that location. For Satellite view click on "

Late Departure Notification

When a child stays in a place that is part of the child’s routine, such as school, departure time is often predictable. The parents can now set a

The red circle when no GPS

When your device has no GPS signal it will show this red circle to indicate this. The red circle is not the size of the radius that you have set for this

"No GPS" explained

Indoors GPS typically has no reception. This normally does not impact the app, since AngelSense smart analytics "understand" the child has not

Logout (Sign Out)

You can logout by selecting the menu icon at the top left of the app, afterwards select "Sign Out" from the pop up menu. This terminates the

Resolving Payment Failure

Here is some guidance if you are getting a pop-up in your app regarding having "Recurring Payment Failure"   1. Click "Continue"

Editing and Deleting Guardians

The Primary Guardian can edit or delete a Guardian directly from within the AngelSense app.      1. Go to the Menu   2. Select "

Configuring reminder notifications

  What kind of AngelSense device do you have?    AngelSense Guardian GPS 1      AngelSense Guardian GPS 2   Related: