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Editing place boundaries

The AngelSense system will automatically identify places your child spends time at. If your child visits them regularly you should name them. The system uses a default radius size and we do not recommend reducing the radius at this stage; it may make it difficult for the system to handle GPS errors indoors and result in false alerts. GPS has inaccuracies and reducing the size to exactly match the borders of the place could cause false alerts.

Adjusting an inaccurate circle helps to eliminate false alerts and preserve battery life. This should be done in two cases:

  1. If the circle isn't centered correctly
  2. The circle is too small, e.g. at school where it should cover the whole building/campus, to help prevent unnecessary notifications for transitions inside school 



  1. To edit place borders you should click on the location in the Timeline that you wish to edit.

  2. You can click on the back arrow in order to edit locations visited on previous days.                    
  3. Click the pencil icon by the place name in the map view.          

  4. In the "Place Settings", you can now click the "Boundaries"link, which will allow editing the boundaries by adjusting the radius and center of the circle.    

  5. To change the radius, drag the handles on the perimeter. To move the circle, drag the handle in the middle. Once the radius is where you need it, click the check mark to save. You're done!       *(minimum radius of 100 feet in order to avoid false exits)  

Note: Make sure to zoom in on the map to make the adjustment easier. You also have the option to view in map or satellite mode (top left hand corner of map)
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