Features and Benefits

What's included in the monthly service plan?

The AngelSense GPS & Voice Monitoring Solution monthly subscription and service plan includes:Unlimited mobile and email alertsUnlimited

Subscriber Kit content

The AngelSense Subscriber Kit includes: AngelSense Guardian GPS DeviceEmbedded SIM card Device Charger Specially designed protective sleeve Three

How does AngelSense work?

The following VIDEO best explains how AngelSense works.   The AngelSense GPS & Voice Monitoring Solution is based on the AngelSense

Countries supported

Due to high demand in North America, we currently offer service in the USA & Canada only. For Canada: Our device accommodates a Rogers SIM and

Key Features and Benefits Overview

Key Features of the AngelSense GPS & Voice-Monitoring Solution: Non-Removable Wearable device and accessories designed for children with special needs

Using the app key features

Here are the key features of the app and how you would use them: Automatically generated Timeline (Schedule) to follow your child's daily

Getting started

Select which AngelSense device you have to find step by step instructions on how to get started:   AngelSense Guardian GPS 1 AngelSense Guardian GPS

School Bus Ride Monitoring Features

The AngelSense GPS & Voice-Monitoring Solution provides high quality monitoring of transits, including school bus rides or other modes of

Ages supported

Children of all ages use AngelSense. Children under the age of 4 are typically too small to wear the AngelSense device and it is typically used by being

Key benefits

With the AngelSense GPS & Voice Monitoring Solution you will be able to:   See your child's routes & locations  at a glance, all

Benefits for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients

AngelSense was originally designed for children with special needs but most of its features are applicable for adults with Alzheimer's and dementia as

Do I get the Smartphone showing the app on your web site?

The kit does not include a Smartphone. You need to use your own Smartphone to access the AngelSense application.   *Please note that the service

Benefits for a high-functioning child

The AngelSense solution can assist parents of high-functioning children by allowing them a higher level of independence. ​ Parents feel comfortable

Benefits for a child that is physically disabled

With AngelSense you will be able to: See your child's routes & locations at a glance, all dayKnow the instant your child is not

Benefits for typical children

AngelSense was originally designed for children with special needs but most of its features are relevant to typical children as well. We have many typical