School Bus Ride Monitoring Features

The AngelSense GPS & Voice-Monitoring Solution provides high quality monitoring of transits, including school bus rides or other modes of transportation.

  • Location updates are visible every 30-seconds and show the entire bus route in great detail, including arrows that show the direction of travel and level of GPS accuracy
  • Automatically identifies every stop that is more than 5 minutes
  • Presents the maximum speed of the bus journey (if they reach over 30mph)
  • Text/Email alerts when the AngleSense device departs and arrives at school
  • Listen-In during bus rides for well-being checks to rule out bullying or abuse
  • View school bus routes as a transit entry in the daily activity log history



Transits Overview

What is the GPS range of AngelSense?

School Dashboard Overview

Disable Listen-In during school hours

Listen-In Overview


Note: AngelSense does not record