Key Features and Benefits Overview

Key Features of the AngelSense GPS & Voice-Monitoring Solution:

  • Non-Removable Wearable device and accessories designed for children with special needs and sensory sensitivities

  • Listen-In capability to monitor your child's well-being

  • Runner mode to locate a child when lost

  • Daily Activity Log and automatically generated timeline

  • Location Updates continuous monitoring with 10-second update intervals

  • Notifications by mobile notification and/or email for every location change

  • Google Pictures of places visited

  • First Responder alert sends text and/or email to a predefined trusted group of people

  • School Dashboard special interface that helps school staff ensure the child is safe during school hours

  • Late Departure Warning allows parents to get an alert if their child hasn't left a specific place on time (such as school), to ensure they're not left behind

  • *NEW* AngelCall on the GPS 2 allows you to have a two-way voice call with your child at any time, without them needing to "pick-up" or click anything 

  • Alarm on GPS 2 is designed to help you locate your child or bring attention to them when nearby in a crowd, indoors, or hiding

  • Connecting to Wi-Fi on GPS 2 connect to networks in places where there is poor cellular reception to assure continuity of monitoring



COMING SOON: Features in beta Testing

  • Mobile Hotspot on GPS 2 allows search using Wi-Fi hotspots when searching for your child in a mall, school or large indoor area 

  • SOS on GPS 1 allows your child to press the SOS button on the device to call you and automatically send location via text to your phone
  • ETA shows the estimated time of arrival at a destination
  • Waterproof Cover & New Wearing Accessories



Key Benefits:

  • See your child's routes & locations at a glance, all day

  • Know the instant your child is not where they’re supposed to be

  • Ensure that your child keeps the device on!

  • GPS wearables that address sensory sensitivities of special children

  • Listen in and/or call to check on your child's well-being or help them through transition
  • Get expert customer support from a community of special needs moms

  • In case of emergency:

    • Track and locate your child as quickly as possible   

    • Send out a search party at a click of a button





*Please note that the cellular service you use for your personal phone does not need to be the same as the device you choose. 






Timeline Overview