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For Schools

Voice feature Disable Letter instead of School Guardian

Some schools prefer not to have a School Guardian and avoid receiving notifications when the voice features are disabled, and instead prefer a commitment

Disabling the Voice Features at School

Schools generally welcome the AngelSense solution and many are using AngelSense during school to help keep children safe and locate them quickly in case

AngelSense Benefits in School

There are many benefits to using AngelSense at school, some of them are listed below. Parents can add school staff as a School Guardian, giving them

Why AngelCall and Listen-In?

AngelSense provides a rich set of tools to address the life threatening issue of wandering of children with special needs. AngelCall allows a parent to

Voice Features Activation with School Officials Approval Only

Rarely, schools require that parents cannot edit the School schedule, even though a notification is sent upon every update of the Schedule. We do caution

What is AngelSense?

AngelSense is the only wandering and safety solution designed for children with special needs, and the only one proven to save lives. Watch this short

Autism Wandering, a National Safety Issue

Autism wandering has been recognized as a national problem, and the Kevin & Avonte’s Law has finally passed the House & Senate and has been

Why AngelSense?

The only Wandering and Safety Solution designed for Children with Special Needs. Proven to save Lives.   AngelSense is totally different from GPS