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Why AngelCall and Listen-In?

AngelSense provides a rich set of tools to address the life threatening issue of wandering of children with special needs.

AngelCall allows a parent to call the device to be able to talk to their child without them needing to “pick up” or click anything. This allows parents to help and support their child from afar, or give them more independence. In some cases the ring may scare the child and the Listen-In option allows for a silent call. This option is also important if the child is missing or in a hostile environment (see how AngelSense saved the life of a girl with Aspergers that was sexually assaulted).

The voice options are critical also when the child is indoors, due to the limitations of GPS indoors. The parent can get a better understanding for the child’s location and guide them to safety.

We have numerous examples for how AngelCall and Listen-In helped save lives. In a recent case a child got upset and bolted from school. School’s policy was not to pursue once they leave school grounds and to call police. They also called the mom. The mom used AngelCall, told the child to stop running and that he needed to return to school and stay safe. The mom was able to continue to get the child to calm more as he walked back. When the mom picked the child up later staff said how happy they were that just hearing her voice helped him to calm down and return safely on his own.


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