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Voice Features Activation with School Officials Approval Only

Rarely, schools require that parents cannot edit the School schedule, even though a notification is sent upon every update of the Schedule. We do caution against this as it disables many of the life saving features on the device.

Still, with parents permission, two types of letters can be signed to support this option:


  1. Voice Feature Reactivation by School Directly or via an Instruction from School to AngelSense.pdf  

  2. Voice Feature Permanently Disabled.pdf


*NOTE: Disabling Listen-In also disables AngelCall and Alarm. *In App Version 1.2.1 or higher (*web app only at this time*), the parent has the ability to disable Listen-In, AngelCall, and the Alarm separately. 


Still have more questions? Email us your contact information at info@angelsense.com and one of customer care experts will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.


  1. School can Reactivate directly _ via AngelSense.pdf
  1. Listen-In Permanently Disabled.pdf