Guardian GPS 1

"No Communication" explained (GPS 1)

Potential reasons: No cellular coverage (distance from the provider's cell tower and the load on it)The child is in a place that blocks cellular

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps (GPS 1)

Thank you for your patience as we work together to troubleshoot your issue. In order to try and get your device to communicate, please go ahead and break

Turning on / restarting (GPS 1)

When connecting the device to the charger it is turned on automatically.   It is recommended that you do not turn off the device, because

The Belt (GPS 1)

Here's a video showing how the AngelSense Belt Accessory (GPS 1) is used.    Our AngelSense belts are made of a "Drill" (a

Device on indication (GPS 1)

Press one of the front buttons (SOS/Call) for a few seconds and make sure the LEDs light up. How do I turn the device on? 

The LED lights (GPS 1)

The front of the AngelSense GPS 1 device has two LED indicators: Green LED – Only flashes when there is no cellular reception, remains off otherwise.

Is the device waterproof? (AngelSense Guardian GPS 1)

Water projected against the device has no harmful effect. The device continues also to operate while attached to wet garment. Device should not be

Wearing accessories (GPS 1)

The AngelSense GPS device comes with a protective sleeve that is used to secure it to clothing and to prevent tampering with the device.   The sleeve

How do I use the Alarm feature on the GPS 1? (beta testing the SOS feature)

The Alarm Feature on the GPS 1 is currently in beta testing as another advanced tool to help protect and find a lost child. Not all AngelSense

Charging indication (GPS 1)

When the device is charging, the device’s blue LED light lights up and remains on continuously. Additionally, you may check the status bar in

Preserving battery life (GPS 1)

Name places to assure power saving is activatedAssure place borders are large enough, e.g. to include all of school's buildingsUse “Runner

Battery life (GPS 1)

12-14 hours with 30 second GPS updates using AngelSense’s Smart Power Management after a full charge (4 hours). This is the standard mode of

Getting Started (GPS 1)

Welcome to AngelSense!  This 2-minute video will walk you through what you need to know in order to start using AngelSense GPS & Voice Monitoring

Handling a device that gets submerged in water (GPS 1)

What can you do if your device accidentally goes through the washing machine or your child jumps into a pool? The device’s warranty will

Charging (GPS 1)

The Guardian device is charged with a standard USB charger. It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery   To charge the battery: Connect one side

Activating a replacement device (GPS 1)

Once you receive your replacement AngelSense device and have charged it for 4 hours, Primary Guardians can activate it in the AngelSense app.  *

Device Buttons (GPS 1)

The buttons are for future use and special troubleshooting operations. In normal operation you do not need to use the buttons.   Please refrain from

Securing the device to clothing (GPS 1)

The AngelSense GPS device was designed for daily use by children with high sensory sensitivity. The device can be attached inside your child's pocket,

Removing the battery on GPS 1

1. With the back panel facing you, use a screwdriver to remove the two screws to release the back cover. Then lift up the back cover from the notch at the

Device status (GPS 1)

At the bottom of the browser window is a permanent status bar. It does not change when moving between screens of the AngelSense app. The status bar

Empty timeline (GPS 1)

To start showing the device location in the app charge your device and take it outside. If you still do not see the device location in your app it is

Indoors Tracking with GPS 1

Indoors, GPS technology is ineffective as line of sight to satellites is required (general GPS limitation). AngelSense provides different tools to

LED lights in normal use (GPS 1)

When the device is operating properly and not charging, both LED lights should be off. When charging begins, after the battery was empty, both lights will