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What are the AngelCall notifications? (GPS 1)

On the GPS 1 device AngelCall Request will soon be available! 

  • AngelCall Request is a setting allowing the child to press the buttons on the device to request a call from you! 
  • The Guardian can set up the AngelCall Request Settings from their app to avoid accidental or repetitive call requests. 
  • You can then call your child's device by using AngelCall or Listen-In
  • Once a call has been completed, the authorized Guardians will receive a Call Confirmation notification as below.
    • Mobile notification: "Tom has ended a Listen-In call with Alex."
    • Email: "Tom has ended a Listen-In call with Alex. Call duration was 0:20 minutes. Your remaining balance is 56:32 minutes."


NOTE: For the GPS 1 device, we are gradually updating the devices. In order to see these features in your app, please verify that you are using app version 1.1.3 and that your device has software version G3.EY.056. This is currently only available on the web app and Android apps. It will soon also be available on iOS apps.


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