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What are the AngelCall notifications? (GPS 1)

AngelCall Request is a setting allowing the child to press the buttons on the device to request a call from you! 

  • The Guardian can set up the AngelCall Request Settings from their app to avoid accidental or repetitive call requests. 
  • When your child presses either of the front buttons, you will receive a notification that they would like a call from you. 
    • "Alex is requesting a call from you."
    • Or if you have a call function disabled during school hours: "Alex is requesting a call from you - Call options are currently disabled." 
  • You can then call your child's device by using AngelCall or Listen-In
  • Once a call has been completed, the authorized Guardians will receive a Call Confirmation notification as below.
    • Mobile notification: "Tom has ended a Listen-In call with Alex."
    • Email: "Tom has ended a Listen-In call with Alex. Call duration was 0:20 minutes. Your remaining balance is 56:32 minutes."

To configure your AngelCall Request Notifications: 

1. Go to your left hand Menu and select "Notifications" 

2. Scroll down the "Others" section and select how you would like to receive your notifications. 


NOTE: In order to see these features in your app you will need to have app version 1.2.0 and your device would need to have software version G3.EY.056 or G3.EY.057 or G3.EY.059.  You can verify your app version and software version from your app’s Menu in the “About” section. 


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