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How do I use the Alarm feature on the GPS 1? (beta testing)

The Alarm Feature on the GPS 1 is currently in beta testing as another advanced tool to help protect and find a lost child. Not all AngelSense users have this feature yet and it is only activated upon request. If your app shows a ringing bell icon in Runner Mode, you can test the Alarm feature. 
  1. Open Runner Mode                                                                                           

  2. Click on the Alarm icon
  3. The dialer should pop up with the phone number for your device to call. 
  4. We suggest to wait at least 30 seconds before doing anything to allow it time to switch from Listen-In to Call.  
  5. Select "Call" 
    1. Your child can then press the phone icon button on the device to answer and you can speak to each other.                                                                                          

    2. Or to use the Alarm feature in order to pinpoint your child's location, your child should not press the phone icon button to answer.
    3. You can end the call by hanging up or the child can press the phone icon to end the call. 
    4. A text will also be sent to you with their current location.  
  6. Only if you are calling or are on a call with the child will these buttons be active. If the child presses the Call or SOS buttons on the device when the device is not ringing or on a call, nothing will happen. 

To switch back to Listen-In:
  1. Open Runner Mode  

  2. Click on the Listen-In icon      

  3. Wait at least 30 seconds before doing anything to allow it time to switch from SOS to Listen-In.
  4. After waiting at least 30 seconds you should be able to silently call the device.

NOTE: When purchasing your AngelSense Kit, if no device is chosen the default device is the GPS 2 device. 

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