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Advanced Troubleshooting Steps (GPS 1)

Thank you for your patience as we work together to troubleshoot your issue.

Please first make sure your app is showing the most up to date information by logging out and back in or force closing.

Please press the front buttons to see if the lights came on momentarily.  If the lights do not come on then the device is off. Please try powering the device on. (See: Powering the device on)

If the device will not power on, please verify that when the device is plugged in to charge, that the blue LED light comes on and stays on solid to verify it is charging. (See: Charging Indication)

If the blue light is not staying on solid then the device is not gaining a charge. You could try:

If these above steps do not resolve your issue, please move on to the troubleshooting steps below. 

  1. Please go ahead and break the seal. *Note that it is OK to remove the sticker on the device and remove the battery (as detailed below). This will not void the device warranty, as you are troubleshooting. 
  2. Take the battery out of the device and put it back in.  
  3. Plug the device in and wait a little while to allow it to gain a charge.
  4. Power on the device.
  5. If your device does not power on, please contact us.
  6. If your device does power on, please try taking the device out in transit to give it a chance to gain cellular and GPS signals. 


Please contact us at support@angelsense.com once these steps are done and let us know which steps were done.



NOTE: When purchasing your AngelSense Kit, if no device is chosen the default device is the GPS 2 device.