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Turning on / restarting the device

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T or T-Mobile device) guidance is available here

Turn the device on by pressing the power button until it vibrates. This may take about 10 seconds or longer. 

Turning on the device is best done while it is still connected to the charger, as it may not have enough power to turn on when the battery is completely depleted.

A couple of minutes after starting the device the "Device is charging" message should sound.

Note: The power button is marked on the sleeve so that you can keep the device in the sleeve. (If you are looking at the device in the silicone casing with the "A" facing you, the power button is on the right upper side.) 

Note: If the device is already on it will restart, to prevent your child from turning it off. Pressing the power button will not turn off the device, only restart it. We are working on an option to turn the device off from the app's Menu. Powering the device back on would need to be from the actual device itself. This option is coming in the next few weeks. 

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