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Preserving battery life (GPS 2)

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T device) guidance is available here 

To preserve battery life:

  • Name places to assure power saving is activated
  • Assure place borders are large enough, e.g. to include all of school's buildings
  • Use Runner Mode and 1-Way Voice (Listen-In) and 2-Way Voice (AngelCall) moderately
  • Connect GPS 2 to Wi-Fi 
  • Leave the device charging until you are ready to use it
Some more About the battery:
  • The battery can last up to 24 hours with normal use after a full charge (about 2 hours). 
  • The battery life can be impacted by poor cellular reception, being in unnamed locations, and use of Runner Mode and 1-Way and 2-Way Voice. 
Note: Keeping the app open as well as receiving notifications do not affect the battery usage of the device.