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Using Listen-In (GPS 2)

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T device) guidance is available here

Listen-In is a safety feature that helps you locate your lost child, especially when indoors and there is no GPS reception. It can help provide guidance to caregivers and it can be used to monitor your child's care. 

AngelCall allows you to talk to your child without them having to "pick up" or click anything. 

To use Listen-In: 

  1. Click on the menu on the right-hand side when viewing your Timeline.
  2. Then, choose Listen-In to call silently. The dialer will pop up with the device's phone number. Select "Call". 




  • The AngelSense GPS device responds automatically and Listen-In (one-way) mode begins.
  • During Listen-In mode (and AngelCall), the application does not receive GPS updates. If you are listening throughout the entire transit, the system will miss the transit.
  • Voice quality greatly depends on where the device is attached and the ambient noise. Often, background noise makes it difficult to hear, but you can usually understand what is occurring.
  • Excessive Listen-In will drain a lot of power from the battery. Each listening hour uses 2 hours of battery life.
  • You can use Listen-In to locate a child inside an indoor place
  • Only the authorized phone numbers are allowed to Listen-In
  • There can be an unlimited number of authorized phone numbers on the GPS 2. 




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