Using Listen-In

In order to activate the Listen-In feature from your AngelSense app to the AngelSense GPS device: 

  1. Enter Runner Mode by tapping the Running Child icon, located on the right side of the title bar:

  1. Tap the Microphone icon:
  2. The telephone dialer will appear, displaying the device’s phone number. Start the call just like a regular phone call.


  • The AngelSense GPS device responds automatically, and Listen-In (one-way) mode begins.
  • During Listen-In mode, the application does not receive GPS updates.
  • Voice quality greatly depends on where the device is attached and the ambient noise. Often, background noise makes it difficult to hear, but you can usually understand what is occurring.
  • Excessive Listen-In will drain a lot of power from the battery. Each listening hour uses 2 hours of battery life.
  • Use Listen-In to locate a child inside an indoor place
  • Only the authorized phone numbers are allowed to Listen-In