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Enabling Voice Features for an emergency when disabled at school

In order to enable Listen-InAngelCall or Alarm during the school day for an emergency or if the child is home from school for any reason a Primary Guardian  or School Guardian with access to the School Schedule would need to take the following Steps: 

1. Go to the Menu on the left hand side and click on "Settings" and click on "School Schedule".

(App version 1.2.0 or lower, you would click on "Listen-In Schedule" )



2. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Off School Today" and then "Save".

(On App version 1.20 or lower, you would click on "Enable Today".)


NOTE: An email notification with any changes made to the Schedule will be sent.  

*NOTE: In App Version 1.2.1 or higher (*web app only at this time*), the parent has the ability to disable Listen-In, AngelCall, and the Alarm separately.  



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