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School Dashboard Overview

Some schools request that the voice features are disabled during school hours. To achieve that the Primary Guardian should add one or more School Guardians. The School Guardian will then be able to login to the app using their own credentials and gain access to the School Dashboard.

Is Listen-In Legal?

Disabling the voice features during school hours

The School Dashboard gives the School Guardian(s) the option to update the School Schedule* via the AngelSense app, and optionally also access to the child's Timeline during school hours.

There is no limit to the number of School Guardians that can be assigned. 

The School Dashboard has the following feature options (depending on the access rights the primary guardian has provided):

  • Ability to edit the Listen-In Schedule:
    • Edit "School Hours"
      • Hours and days to disable the voice features*
    • Edit "Off School Days"
      • Vacations and holidays to enable the voice features*
      • "Enable Today" (for sick days, doctor's visits, emergencies, etc...)



  • Ability to view Today's timeline
    • During the hours identified in the School Schedule (with no view of previous days)


  • Ability to receive notifications during school hours
    • Entrance and exit notifications
    • Changes in the School Schedule*


  • Access to the following Menu Options:



  • Disabling Listen-In also disables AngelCall and Alarm*In App Version 1.2.1 or higher (*Coming Soon*), the parent has the ability to disable Listen-In, AngelCall, and the Alarm separately. 
  • School Guardians do not have the ability to activate AngelCall, Listen-In or the Alarm 

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