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Listen-In Overview

Listen-In is one of the advanced features of the AngelSense Guardian GPS Tracking & Voice Monitoring System that helps you locate a lost child, especially when indoors and there is no GPS reception. Listen-In provides guidance to caregivers and can be used to monitor the child's care and well being. 

Sound quality during Listen-In mode is dependent on where the device is attached and there may be ambient noise. 
The Primary Guardian (person who completed the purchase) can edit which Guardians are authorized for Listen-In. On GPS 1, only two phone numbers can be authorized for Listen-In. On GPS 2, there is no limit on how many phone numbers can be authorized. 
Some schools require that parents disable the Listen-In feature during school hours due to privacy concerns. To make sure our children are allowed to use the device at school we provide a feature to disable Listen-In during school hours. We encourage you to assign a School Guardian with access to the School Dashboard where they can set the "Listen-In Disable Time Windows" (hours and days) as well as set the "Listen-In Enabled Days" (vacations and holidays). 

*Note: Disabling Listen-In also disables AngelCall and Alarm.


NOTE: During calls, the device cannot transmit GPS data and thus if are on a call (Listen-In or AngelCall) with the device throughout the entire transit, the system will miss the transit. 

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