Listen-In and AngelCall minutes

Listen-In is a safety feature that helps you locate your lost child, especially when indoors and there is no GPS reception. It can help provide guidance to caregivers and it can be used to monitor your child's care. 

AngelCall will be made available on the GPS 2 device soon, allowing you to talk to your child without them having to "pick up" or click anything. 

The AngelSense monthly service subscription includes 60 free minutes for Listen-In and AngelCall combined. Once you have exceeded the 60 minutes, an additional charge of 30 cents per minute will apply. Any unused free minutes do not rollover to the next calendar month. 

Additional minutes can be purchased from our accessories page. The free minutes are always the first to be used and then any purchased minutes are used after the free minutes are depleted. Any minutes that you purchase never expire. 

On our GPS 1 model our monitoring usage system is more limited and we periodically check the balance. The user is expected to monitor their usage and buy minutes if they use more than 60 minutes a month. 

On our GPS 2 model, we will soon have the ability for users to see their minutes used within their app using the "My Account" section and purchase minutes.