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Subscription Price and 3 Service Plans Explained

The 3 plans available for purchase all include the same great product features and capabilities. However, each plan has a different payment term and a different discount amount as a result.
 Month-to-Month PlanMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
PlanMonth-to-MonthYearly Service Plan with 12 monthly paymentsYearly Extra Discount Service Plan with 1 Annual Payment
Guardian Kit$99.00* (one time payment) $99.00* (one time payment)$99.00* (one time payment)
Monthly Service$52.99/mo*$39.99/mo*$33.33/mo*
Total upfront payment$176.99*$138.99*$498.96*
Kit IncludesGPS device, embedded SIM card, wearing accessories, parent keyGPS device, embedded SIM card, wearing accessories, parent keyGPS device, embedded SIM card, wearing accessories, parent key
FREE AngelCall + Listen-In Minutes60 minutes per month (value $108)60 minutes per month (value $108)60 minutes per month (value $108)
Trial30-day money back guarantee30-day money back guarantee30-day money back guarantee
Service ContractNone; Cancellation at any time, no commitmentOne-year service contract from day of deliveryOne-year service contract from day of delivery
*Plus applicable sales tax
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Medicaid Waiver Info (If you are an agency or non-profit organization, please contact us for special pricing.) 
You can try AngelSense during our 30 day trial period but if you choose to cancel the service during the first 30 days, the subscriber kit must be returned in its original condition. Your refund takes up to 14 business days to process and can only be processed after we receive the device. (Additional accessories purchased are not refundable). You must notify us in writing by email to support@angelsense.com before the end of your 30 day trial period. 
* After the 30-day trial period, your subscription is a 1-year contract.
NOTE: The 30-day money back guarantee is not applicable for a second or third device so we suggest that you try the service first and ensure that the cell service is adequate in your area before purchasing additional devices.

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