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Insurance Codes and Medicaid Waiver Codes

Inquire with your insurance company about whether they cover some or all of the cost. Prepare the following information when submitting a request to insurance companies:


You can also speak to your family doctor about getting a diagnosis for wandering. We have a *letter your doctor can personalize attached below; this may help you with the insurance company requirements.

Ask your doctor to include "AngelSense GPS for Wandering Prevention" 

Codes to personalize for your diagnosis: 

  • Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (299.0-299.9) 
  • Intellectual disabilities (317-319)
  • Dementia (294.21)
  • Alzheimer's (331.0)

Wandering codes:

  • V40.31
  • Z91.83

Other Codes to use in case the above are not accepted by your specific insurance company:

  • X5012 Personal Emergency Response System (HIPAA Compliant)
  • X5014 DME – Personal Emergency Response System
  • S5160, S5161, S5162 Personal Emergency Response System (CPT/HCPC)
  • S5199 Enhanced Medical Assistive Technology 
  • S5160K, S5161HK Health & Safety Welfare
  • E1399 Durable Medical Equipment & Other
  • F84.0 Augmentative Devices (GPS tracking device) due to Autism wandering in diseases classified elsewhere Z91.83

Medicaid Waivers that have been used to cover AngelSense:

  • Home and Community-Based Services for the Developmentally Disabled (HCBS-DD) Waiver
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Intellectual Disability Waiver (ID) 

*Most waivers will be issued to cover the AngelSense starter kit + 1 full year of service


  1. Sample Doctor Letter with Wandering Code.docx
  1. Product Description.pdf