Runner Mode

My Location

My Location feature allows you to see your location (me) relevant to your child's location (device). In order to activate the My Location feature: 1.

Runner Mode Overview

AngelSense provides a special mode, called Runner Mode, that includes advanced tools to search for your child. These tools were developed based on

First Responder Overview

When activating the Runner Mode within your AngelSense app, you can choose to immediately notify a predefined trusted group of "First Responders"

First Responder vs. Guardian

AngelSense Guardian:  Has 24/7 access to the appCan access Timeline daily activity log historyCan receive notifications of arrivals/

Emergency preparation

Below you will find a PDF with guidance on how to prepare for an emergency using your AngelSense features including: Runner ModeListen-In AngelCall

Indoor locations

Select a device below   AngelSense Guardian GPS 1:       AngelSense Guardian GPS 2:    Related: Transits Overview Runner

Adding a First Responder

A First Responder is assigned as a member of a predefined trusted group that are notified via the AngelSense app regarding a lost child, along with a live

Adding local police as a First Responder

If there is an emergency we suggest first calling 911. If you know an officer with your local law enforcement that will allow you to use their email

Editing and deleting First Responders

You can edit or delete a First Responder directly from within the AngelSense app.    A First Responder is assigned as a member of a predefined