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Runner Mode Overview

AngelSense provides a special mode, called Runner Mode, that includes advanced tools to search for your child. These tools were developed based on real-life experiences of parents using AngelSense.
The tools include:
  • 10-second location updates
  • My location to see the direction and distance to your child
  • Alarm to play an alarm tone on your child's device in order to locate them when nearby in a crowd, indoors or hiding.
  • First Responder alert to send your predefined First Responder group, a link with temporary access to the real-time location of your child to help in search effort
  • Listen-In to hear your child and help find your child indoors
  • AngelCall to be able to speak to your child, instruct them to stop, avoid a road, or just calm them down.
To enter Runner Mode tap on the Running Child icon, located on the right side of the title bar.

Enabling runner mode results in the following:

  • The Guardian device starts sending location updates every 10 seconds (see Location update frequency)
  • The last known location of the child is presented on the map (with a dynamic "breathing" circle)
  • The Runner Mode icon is highlighted in green and the following icons are added: My Location, Alarm, and First Responder.

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