Disabling Listen-In during school hours

We are always open to working with the families and the schools to help keep our children safe.  The Listen-In feature allows a parent to call the

Is Listen-In Legal?

Listen-In is a safety feature that helps you locate a lost child, especially when indoors and there is no GPS reception. It can help provide guidance to

How does AngelSense work?

The following VIDEO best explains how AngelSense works.   The AngelSense GPS & Voice Monitoring Solution is based on the AngelSense

School Dashboard Overview

The School Dashboard gives the School Guardian(s) the option to access to the child's timeline and update the Listen-In Schedule* via the

Add School Guardian

In order to add a School Guardian, a Primary Guardian can follow these steps:  Go to your app's Menu Select "Settings" and then

Place boundaries (Geofence)

In the AngelSense app, the green circle around a place on the map defines its geographical boundaries. We use the circle as a simple way of telling the

Edit the Listen-In Schedule

In order to Edit the Listen-In Schedule:  NOTE: If you do not have the Listen-In Schedule in your Menu, please have the Primary Guardian  

Enabling Listen-In for an emergency when disabled at school

In order to enable Listen-In or AngelCall (only on GPS 2 devices) during the school day for an emergency or if the child is home from school for any

Runner Mode Overview

AngelSense provides a special mode, called Runner Mode, that includes advanced tools to search for your child. These tools were developed based on

School Bus Ride Monitoring Features

The AngelSense GPS & Voice-Monitoring Solution provides high quality monitoring of transits, including school bus rides or other modes of

Delete School Guardian

In order to delete a School Guardian, a Primary Guardian can follow these steps:  Go to your app's Menu Select "Settings"

Guardian vs School Guardian

AngelSense Guardian:  Has 24/7 access to the appCan access Timeline daily activity log historyCan receive notifications of

Emergency preparation

Below you will find a PDF with guidance on how to prepare for an emergency using your AngelSense features including: Runner ModeListen-In AngelCall

Edit School Guardian

In order to edit a School Guardian, a Primary Guardian can follow these steps:    Go to your app's Menu Select "

Listen-In Schedule Overview

Some schools require that parents disable the Listen-In feature during school hours due to privacy concerns. To make sure our children are allowed to use


The AngelSense Guardian GPS Tracking & Voice Monitoring System does not have the ability to record.  Listen-In is one of the advanced features of

School Guardian: Configuring Notifications

As an AngelSense School Guardian, if given access to notifications by the Primary Guardian, you can configure how you wish to receive notifications from

First Responder vs School Guardian

School Guardian:  Has access to the School Dashboard only during school hours (as defined by the Listen-In Schedule) Cannot see past days in the