School Dashboard Overview

The School Dashboard gives the School Guardian(s) the option to access to the child's timeline and update the Listen-In Schedule via the AngelSense app. There is no limit to the number of School Guardians that can be assigned. 

The School Dashboard has the following feature options:

  • Edit the Listen-In Schedule:
    • Edit "Listen-In Disable Time Windows" (hours and days to disable Listen-In)
    • Edit "Listen-In Enabled Days" (vacations and holidays to enable Listen-In)
    • "Enable Today" (for sick days, doctor's visits, emergencies, etc...)
  • Receive notifications regarding changes in the Listen-In Schedule
  • Today's timeline, during the hours identified in the Listen-In Schedule (with no view of previous days)
    • Outside of the school hours, the School Dashboard will not show the child's current location or timeline. The following message will appear in the app view for School Guardians:   
  • ​The following Menu Options:

Please see Disabling Listen-In during school hours for all available options, then contact us via your AngelSense app by using "Contact Us" or email