Timeline and Places

Editing place borders

The AngelSense system will automatically identify places your child spends time at. If your child visits them regularly you should name them. The system

Place boundaries (Geofence)

In the AngelSense app, the green circle around a place on the map defines its geographical boundaries. We use the circle as a simple way of telling the

Transits Overview

A Transit entry occurs in the Daily Activity Log in the AngelSense App Timeline anytime the AngelSense device is in movement from one Place to

Timeline Overview

The AngelSense Timeline is a daily activity log of locations and transit reports that are stored within the AngelSense App and can be accessed via

Naming places

To give a place a name click the "Unkown" place you want to name in the daily timeline: In the dialogue box choose to name the place. Naming

Current location

The AngelSense Timeline is composed of places and transits (see Overview of the timeline feature). In order to view the current location of the AngelSense

Unknown places

An "Unknown" place is a location that has not yet been named. The AngelSense system will automatically label a location as "Unknown"

Deleting a place name

If you would like to delete the name of a place in order to stop receiving notifications for it, follow these steps:  1. Select the place   2.