Place boundaries (Geofence)

In the AngelSense app, the green circle around a place on the map defines its geographical boundaries.

We use the circle as a simple way of telling the system where the place “is”. For instance, if the circle represents the school, when the child enters the circle the system will log it as an arrival to school.

Places are created in a default size and we recommend that you enlarge it if needed (e.g. for a larger place like school, hospital, nursing home or therapy center).

There is no limit on the number of places you can name. There is a minimum size of 100 feet, but due to GPS errors indoors that may be interpreted as false alerts we recommend keeping the default size. 

Note: AngelSense analytics require more than a single GPS reading to determine if the child has entered a place or left it, due to the inherent GPS errors indoors. It also requires that the child gets far enough from the boundaries to assure again that this is not a GPS error. See "Early Warning Mode Overview"