"No Communication" explained

See next an explanation of No Communication. If you conclude you need a device supporting a different cellular carrier, see here for more details on

Handling false notifications

Here is a video to help explain false alerts and how AngelSense overcomes GPS limitations.     If you receive false exit alerts from a

Why is my Listen-In call not coming through?

Listen-In is essentially a one-way phone call to the Angelsense GPS device.   To Listen-In to your child:  The device has to be in an area with

Device is not charging

Please follow the troubleshooting steps below: Plug the device to the charger and assure it is chargingContinue charging for two hoursUnplug the

Why are there lots of "No Communication" entries during the day?

If this happens in a particular location, it is likely a local cell reception issue. This can appear as many “No Communication” entries

Activating a replacement device

What kind of device do you have? AngelSense Guardian GPS 1  AngelSense Guardian GPS 2   

Installing the app

Here are the links to download the app: Apple's App Store / iOSGoogle Play / AndroidSome old phones cannot run the app. On such phones you can run the

Using when app shows "No Communication"

Unfortunately, none of the cellular operators in the US provides 100% coverage. We are aware of this in AngelSense, and designed our system so there is

Notifications delay

Departure notifications are delayed by a few minutes to minimize false alerts. You can reduce the delay by applying Early Warning Mode.   In case of

Login Issues

If you are having issues logging in please:  Verify you are typing in your email correctly Verify you are typing in your password correctly (it

App not loading

Generally when we see white screen issues it is due to inadequate cell or wifi for the app to load. We suggest the following steps to try and get it to

Handling a device that gets submerged in water

What kind of device do you have?                                  

Preparing for AT&T 2G Network Shutdown

AT&T are gradually stopping their 2G service from 1/1/2017. Following is an update on what we're doing to ensure continued service for our

GPS reception issues

Please make sure the device orientation is correct. See “How do I attach the device to my child’s clothing?” part 3 addresses proper

Empty timeline

What kind of device do you have?    AngelSense Guardian GPS 1 AngelSense Guardian GPS 2                

Notification missing

Notifications are sent for named places only, so please make sure the location is named. See: Why don't I get notifications when my child arrives

Why am I getting the error "Illegal Hotspot Name"?

When given this error message you should make sure to check the characters within the name. The only special characters allowed are: ' (apostrophe) ? (

Accessing the "Help Center"

Our "Help Center" is full of useful information right at your fingertips. It is accessible from the Support menu on our web site as well as from

Why does the GPS have errors in downtown areas?

In areas of sky scrapers there is a phenomenon called "reflection", where the signal from satellites reflects through the buildings and may

Listening causing missing transit

During listening time the device cannot transmit GPS data and thus if listening throughout the entire transit, the system will miss the transit.

System not generating an Unknown place

The system requires a few minutes of GPS updates in the same area in order to create a location in the schedule. In some places cellular coverage drops