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Voice Features

Voice features legal aspects

Eavesdropping laws vary between countries and states...

Voice minutes

Guidance on the minutes used for Listen-In and AngelCall...

1-Way Voice

One of the advanced features that helps you locate a lost child and provides the ability to monitor the child's care and well being...

Call Request

Call Request is a setting on the GPS 1 allowing the child to press the buttons on the device to request a call from you!       

Voice quality

For better voice quality, some parents attach the device outside the clothing, e.g. attached to a belt...

2-Way Voice

Note: GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here  On the GPS 1, you can talk to your child at any time, without them needing

Authorizing calling device

Authorize who can call the device from your app's main Menu by clicking Settings and "Guardians"...

Call Request Settings

  Call Request is a setting allowing your child to press the buttons on the device to request a call from you.   *Call Request is only

Default call mode

Set up the default call mode for when a Guardian calls the device's phone number directly (not through the app)...

Call log

Use "My Account" in your app's main Menu to monitor minutes used and call details...

2-Way Voice Settings

Note: GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here  2-Way Voice (AngelCall) on the GPS 1 includes a rich set of options to control